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How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free, Plus Two Other Ways


YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOAD-YouTube has turned into an inconceivably well-known platform for watching videos, everything being equal. However, there are circumstances where you might need to download YouTube videos for disconnected review or other purposes.

In this article, we will investigate three unique ways to deal with downloading YouTube videos: YouTube Premium, a paid option; ClipGrab, a free programming application; and a Linux command line tool for further developed clients.

Paid Option: YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers a helpful and highlight-rich answer for downloading YouTube videos. YouTube Premium supporters appreciate advantages, such as the promotion of free surveys, foundation play, and admittance to YouTube Firsts. One of the critical elements of YouTube Premium is the capacity to download videos for independent surveys. This is the way you can make it happen:

YouTube Videos Download

Sign into your YouTube Premium record.

  • Open your internet browser or the YouTube application on your smartphone.
  • Sign in to your YouTube Premium record.
  • Find the video you need to download.
  • Find the video you wish to download on YouTube.
  • Search for the Download button close to the Offer symbol.
  • Start the download.
  • Click the Download button to begin the download interaction.
  • Access your downloaded videos.
  • You can find your downloaded videos in the Downloads part of YouTube.
  • Keep an internet association at least once regularly to keep your downloads available.

Free Option: ClipGrab

ClipGrab is a free and easy-to-use programming application that lets you download YouTube videos on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. It gives a straightforward and proficient method for saving videos from Youtube video download — to your gadget. This is the way you can utilize ClipGrab:

  • Visit and download the suitable adaptation for your working framework.
  • Duplicate the YouTube video interface.
  • Go to the YouTube video you need to download.
  • Duplicate the video connection from the URL bar or utilize the Offer button.
  • Send off ClipGrab and glue the video interface.
  • Open ClipGrab on your gadget.
  • Pick the option to send off the program.
  • Glue the YouTube video interface into ClipGrab.
  • Begin the download.
  • Click the “Snatch this clasp!” button to begin the download.
  • Customize the download settings (optional).
  • ClipGrab permits you to pick the format and goal of the downloaded video.
  • Save the downloaded video.
  • Once the download is finished, the video will be saved money on your gadget for disconnected review.

Linux Command Line Option

Youtube download video-For Linux clients who favor command-line tools, there are options accessible to download YouTube videos. One famous tool is youtube-dl, accessible on its own site and GitHub. Another option is yt-dlp, a fork of youtube-dl with extra highlights. Linux clients can investigate these tools and pick the one that best meets their requirements and inclinations. Shutdown and Copyright Considerations was a famous site for downloading videos from YouTube and other platforms. However, it has closed down its tasks in the US and the UK because of copyright-related concerns. Knowing the lawful and moral considerations while downloading YouTube videos is critical. Copyright regulations change by ward, and it may only sometimes be legitimate to download copyrighted content with appropriate approval. Moreover, YouTube has measures set up to distinguish and make a move against copyright encroachment. It is prudent to get to know the copyright regulations in your nation and consider fair use rules before downloading and utilizing YouTube videos.


Youtube video download — mp4-Downloading YouTube videos can be helpful for different purposes, including independent review and content creation. In this article, we investigated three unique ways to deal with downloading YouTube videos: YouTube Premium, ClipGrab, and Linux command line tools. YouTube Premium offers a helpful paid option with extra elements. At the same time, ClipGrab gives a free and easy-to-understand programming application. For advanced downloading options, Linux clients can use command line tools like youtube-dl and yt-dlp. However, it is fundamental to understand the legitimate and moral ramifications of downloading copyrighted content and to agree with appropriate regulations and guidelines.


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